15 July 2014

Minkys Has Moved ...

Hey everyone,

If you're wondering why there are no new posts its because Minkys has moved to a new domain ...

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19 June 2014

Winter Survival Kit / Shopping Guide

As much as I'm not a fan of winter, I love it too. Its the perfect excuse for staying home on cold wintery nights, experimenting with soup recipes, watching loads of movies, reading lots of books and sipping on yummy hot drinks. I know most of you hate winter, but with this Winter Survival Kit you'll be converted to a winter baby in no time! I have put together a few (well, a lot actually) items that help me get through the three dreaded months of the year and I hope by sharing them with you, you'll love winter as much as me :) 

Unfortunately you can't stay home all winter hibernating, so when you do venture out into the cold you need to ensure you have the thickest and warmest black coat (2), a pair of warm Ugg Boots (10), a knitted beanie (9) and knitted mittens (3).

Because winter is all about staying home on weekends and in the evenings you need to ensure you have an ultra cozy onesie (1), a pair of snuggly socks (8) and a pair of slippers (7) to lounge around at home in. There's also nothing better than the aroma of a warm, cozy scent in your home and my favourites being a sparkling cinnamon or a vanilla chai yankee candle (4). Staying home in winter means you're going to read a lot - be it on the couch wrapped under a crocheted throw (5) or a fleece blanket (6) or in the bath - so you're going to need a Kindle (12).

What I love about winter is that its the perfect excuse to have soup at every meal (I love soup!), to drink lots and lots of tea, coffee and hot chocolate and to treat yourself to Lindts new Hello Chocolate range which are only available at Woolworths (16) :) On that note, you're going to need soup bowls (11), a travel mug (21) and a travel flask (21) - preferably these Hello Kitty ones from Typo :) My favourite hot chocolate is definitely Nomu's Skinny Hot Chocolate (15) which I love to top with Woolworths mini marshmallows (24) - it is the perfect sweet treat! I am both a tea and a coffee drinker, but in winter I find myself reaching for Vanilla Chai Tea (22) and herbal teas (17) a lot more!

The worst thing about winter is having to fight the winter-dry-skin-and-hair war! But don't fear, with the following products you're going to bid farewell to that battle ...

First of all you need to invest in a good body moisturiser - be it Soap & Glory's The Righteous Butter (27) or L'Occitane's Ultra Rich Body Cream (19) they both are uh-mazing products and I swear by them! But if putting moisturiser is not your thing in winter as you like to jump straight into your pyjama's after a bath/shower, then I suggest you treat yourself to Ro's Argan Body Conditioner (13) from Lush which is the best in-shower moisturiser on this planet (I swear!) To ensure your hair stays super soft and ultra nourished you need to put a mask on once or twice a week (my favourite is Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask - Moroccan Oil's Intense Hydrating Mask -20 ) as well as a hair oil (I recommend Tresemme Elixir Oil - 14)

To ensure your paws look perfect for when you take them out their mittens, my favourite winter shades include  Under The Stars by Morgan Taylor (25) and Sexy Divide by Essie (18) and I swear by Soap & Glory's Hand Food (26) for super soft hands!

What gets you through winter?
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